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Admin abuse

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I was just playing on your server.
I killed an admin alot because he wasnt that great...
He was also swearing at me.
I'm admin at my own clan and i dont swear to guest.
Well i was playing i spawn killed one time i admit that.
When that admin said it wasnt allowed i stop doing it.
But then he spawn killed himself.
This is what i said: so you are allowed to spawn kill when i'm not, great admin...
Then he said, STFU mono
dunno what that means.
Anyway and then he said kick this noob.
So bassicaly he is breaking two rules. Spawn killing and swearing. and i got kicked when i didnt say a word expect that when he spawnkilled.
Is this normal for admins to behave like this?
I was under the name :

Greets, nacht


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