about AFK and poo

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about AFK and poo

Post by Roumich on Mon Jul 05, 2010 12:14 am

Hi all.

A ten maps campaign is long ( we love that !!... ) and most of us may need a wee, poo, smoke, arguing with the girlfriend shouting cos we play too much, etc.....

This is fair.

A player been kicked for a wee or a poo ( turtle head kissing the pants ) is a bit frustrating.

Sometime, we don't even have the time to go spectator ...( that's wrong but happen to all of us. Ha! nasty poo...hoho )

So, if you see a player "AFK" for a while and you think something have to be done because it make the team unbalanced, tell that to a present TE666 member and he will sort it out by putting him spectator.

This avoid endless votes and the game carry on!

your beloved Roumich


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