Event on patch 2.56 (known as 1.02)

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Event on patch 2.56 (known as 1.02)

Post by =HA=Unreal on Thu Jul 09, 2009 10:22 pm

Hey all,

=HA= and *D.o.T.* are setting up event in patch 2.56 (1.02).
The events are:

TJing (Trickjumping)

U can sign-up at www.pro-events.webs.com

More info is there.

This event is to get more people to patch 2.56, so tell everyone u know that plays ET about this event.

And yes, there are prices u can win.

I hope to see some of u playing in that event.
If u want to play the nearest event, register now, because it is tomorrow (sorry i diden't post before, but i only knew since yesterday).



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