spawnkilling specifics?

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spawnkilling specifics?

Post by Malus on Wed Feb 25, 2009 4:17 am

right, i understand the concept of spawnkiling to be weapons upto and including smg kills, i mean, one medic in a spawn isnt much against a fresh spawn of players, but if u have a whole team shooting at a spawn point it suddenly becomes a very real, and large problem.

now, having siad that.

i have seen players be kicked for smg spawnkills, mortar, arty, rifle nades, nades, basicly everythign so far on the server.

why then, when it seems to be clearly understood that once the wall is blown on oasis, there is to be nothing fired BEHIND the wall, is it suddenly acceptable to have an entire axis team keeping the allies @ the flag becuase of smg kills, and on the rare occasion the allies make it to the wall they never ever get passed it.

now this is'nt a whine cus i coulnd't get passed the wall, i was on both axis and allies, i actualy switched to allies to try and lend a hand because it was becomming so rediculously difficult for the allies to even get close to the wall, and that was without any arty/mortar/rifle nades, that was just pure 100% axis team + smg fire.

when i questioned it the response i received was "no... its fine... its not heavy weapons or arty"

does this then mean that if the allies are the stronger team, they can all sit around the axis second spawn point and keep you there permanently for the duration of the map? or wait, surely that becomes camping, which is against server rules? am i seeing hypocricy here?

now if this is true, then ur rules on spawnkilling need to be written out, very clearly, very precisley, for each map, each spawn point and posted on a 40foot banner for EVERYONE to see clearly.

becuase at the minute, it seems to be that rules are only "enforced" depending on which team the te666 member is on on the server.

i wont mention the name of the te666 member who was firing smg into the flag point and not letting people even get to the wall on oasis tonight, because this isnt a personal attack on anyone, but i have searched through your rules section, and to be fair, nothing very clear and precise is written anywhere.

might i suggest now is the time to fix that problem?


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Re: spawnkilling specifics?

Post by Tokugawa Ieyasu on Sun Mar 01, 2009 6:20 am

First make sure you dont have any dynamite. secondly lighten up!!! Smile
Tokugawa Ieyasu

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