vroete99! I want to be {TE666}vroete99 !

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vroete99! I want to be {TE666}vroete99 !

Post by vroete99 on Fri Dec 19, 2008 5:51 pm

Question 1: Name: Dimitri and on et-> vroete99
Age: 15
Location: belgium (west-vlaanderen)
Preferred class, eg. medic, field ops etc....: FIELD OPS!

Question 2: Why do you want to join TE666?: because i'll played already many hours on the te666 server and ill like to be in a good clan so here i am ;-) i like the cla nand the peoples very much!

Question 3: If you were Successfully recruited into TE666, what would you expect in return?: i would give respect to all the players: leaders,admins, soldiers ;-) and have fun onthe server!

(i have only 1 question: if i play and there is 1 round pass evry1 get again 0 xp for what is that good?)

already thx and I hope that you anser fast ;-) TYX


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