*jaotusv6rk* got banned ages ago

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*jaotusv6rk* got banned ages ago

Post by *jaotusv6rk* on Sun Jun 15, 2008 11:00 am

hey dudes, remember me? Laughing

i used to play in your server some cool 2 years ago, well got banned for spawnkilling, well thats not what i want to talk about.

just here to say hello, as i couldn't find a welcome topic to new registered users, i decided to write here.

i see you have rather many members in splatterladder, thats nice Smile
tho' i must press the issue that Priit is no longer a member, he has been to an other clan meanwhile and has quited it as well, so you may do some corrections in your list.

i remember getting on well with some of you, so all my best wishes to you and special greetings to the fellow countrymen.

oh yeah tried to join your server but had some problems, but not with ban issues, ill sort that out and visit you some time.

you can find me here

former *jaotusv6rk* and current Jaotusv6rk*BB*

cu, dudes!


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Re: *jaotusv6rk* got banned ages ago

Post by Puaj on Sun Jun 15, 2008 6:07 pm

Dont know you at all.. but HELLO Smile Cool


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